Why We Choose to Design For Good

december 1st, 2020
words by Karina chocron

I believe in the power of design.

Design brings ideas, messages, and emotions to life. Design helps us communicate and connect in purpose-filled ways. Design influences what we think and feel. Design informs the decisions we make.

At our core, we all seek purpose. Many of us want our daily decisions to help make the world a better place. 

Organizations that aspire to benefit humanity touch us. They galvanize communities dedicated to good. Sometimes, they even launch extraordinary movements.

Discovering the power of purpose

It feels incredible to work for an organization focused on solving a problem you deeply understand.

When I first moved to Israel, I began working with an organization that helps new immigrants find professional success by providing education about the job market, courses, networking, and introductions to major companies. Our goal was to create a new strategy and website that met their audience’s many needs.

Empathy has always guided my work. As a new immigrant in Israel and the organization’s exact target audience, I fully understood their immense value. We revamped their communications and narrative, launching a website that empowered their international community of like-minded professionals by providing them with an array of offerings. Through branding and design, we were able to further their mission, enabling many more people to join their valuable cause, get hired, and find professional success in their new home. Working with an organization whose main objective was to help and empower people filled me with joy and drive. 

And ever since then, we at Verticalloop have embraced our mission to “design for good.”

The power of designing for good

By designing for good, we seek to use our time – our most valuable currency in this world, our talents as creatives and professionals, our skills, and our years of experience to support and amplify good causes. By designing for good, we choose to help others positively impact individuals, communities, and the world.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Goals provide a guide for the areas we need to address to create a better future for all – including quality education, responsible consumption, climate action, and gender equality. 

With powerful design and communication, we can attract, interest, and inspire emotions and action in people. We can create “tribes” that work together to improve each of these areas and meet the needs of every human being. Communities that help one another and rally around purpose are essential for creating sustainable development. 

Branding and design – which attract people to a cause – can make all the difference.

How we design for good

At Verticalloop, we are fortunate to work with many organizations that are making the world a better place by addressing critical issues, including:

No Poverty 

Migdal Ohr provides education, vocational training, and mentorship to thousands of orphaned and neglected children in Israel, with the goal of creating large-scale change for Israel’s most underserved populations. We revitalized the organization’s brand, infusing their assets with a sense of empowerment, positivity, and hopefulness; showcasing its immense impact on Israel’s population; and illustrating donors’ centrality to the organization’s operations. As a result, the organization has expanded and achieved more with its incredible donors.

Ensuring Quality Education

Edu-Together provides personalized live online classes and academic support programs to students across the world. We helped the organization pinpoint their three distinct audiences and the problems they solve for each audience. With their new brand identity and website,  Edu-Together is able to engage each audience and effectively meet their needs. 

Providing Good Health and Well-Being

Keheala helps individuals treat curable diseases with behavioral interventions and disease management tools across mobile phones. We worked with Keheala to refine their message and revamp their investor deck in order to raise funds to develop, grow, and scale their use cases.

Do more good by designing for good

In today’s fast-paced world, design is one fantastic way to cut through the new noise, stand out, and forge deep connections. Powerful design helps us connect to important causes, empathize with people around the world, and bring more good into our everyday lives, our communities, and our world. 

And that’s why we #DesignForGood.

Learn more about Verticalloop's work right here.

Karina Chocron

founder & creative director, Verticallop

Karina is an award-winning designer, seasoned director, and creative strategist, focused on the intersection of design, innovation, and social impact.

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