Creating a platform for collaborative climate action

The founders of Planet (Climate Action Systems at the time) approached us with a big idea. They were in the early stages of creating a dynamic, collaborative project management platform to accelerate the impact of green banks, coalitions, and corporations working towards sustainability. What they needed was a strong design partner who could lead the execution of branding, UX, and messaging from the ground up. Climate? Tech? UX Design… and a chance to be involved from the earliest stages of a project?! We were thrilled to partner!

Climate Action Systems, Planet
Non-Profit, Climate Action


What We Did

App Concept and UX Mapping
Naming Brainstorm
Brand Look & Feel
Logo Design
Brand Messaging
UX/UI Design
Design system
Video Scripts
Website Development
App Microcopy



The VL team led a creative branding process to define the values and tone. From there, we developed moodboards and a visual direction that conveyed the core values that we identified together.

We were tasked with a naming brainstorm and ran through three rounds of options, helping the team to hone in on the name “Planet”. As we developed the logo, brand identity, and messaging, we created a website and app that reflected a progressive, sustainable future with segmented value propositions for the various stakeholders that Planet was targeting for adoption of the platform.


UX Design

We got to be true co-creators in the UX process, taking the team’s ideas and implementing them in a UX map with our recommendations.

When it came to the UX for the app, we stuck to simplicity and advocated for the user each step of the way. We brought our expertise to the table, creating simple solutions for the complex problems the Planet team presented. Our goal was to create a seamless, intuitive experience for new users as well as ambassadors of the platform.



Launching the Planet and evolving it with the team over two years was a true privilege. We love the progressive thinking and being involved in promoting climate activism around the globe. The team’s drive to connect disparate efforts and to use technology as a catalyst for knowledge networks and accelerated collaboration are truly inspiring.

Today, the platform continues to evolve and attract new audiences with an ambitious drive to leverage large-scale climate efforts for change. We’re excited to see where it goes and always here to support and advise the team.