Rocket fuel for unicorns (via LinkedIn marketing)

The founder of Remotion was an early adopter to LinkedIn ads and a superstar in the lead gen arena. Over 4 years, he’d grown his B2B paid media company to work with some of the hottest startups in Tel Aviv. Gabriel wanted to shift from a personal brand that featured him as the main draw to a super bold vision that meant becoming the biggest LinkedIn agency in the world. 

He contacted us at a pivotal point for the agency, when they were looking to apply some of that firepower to their own biz dev. The agency wanted to create a splash with bold branding that showed their maverick ambition while also filtering leads for large companies with a sizeable ad budget. Their third goal was to attract top talent by sharing the culture and vibe of Remotion via the website. 

The design, copy, and UX we collaborated on launched the chapter of Remotion with a huge wave of interest and accolades from clients, prospects, and adoring fans after their big reveal on LinkedIn. High five, Gabriel 👋. Keep it up!

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