Revamping a high speed brand for next level performance

We love the cool team behind Drive TLV! While they had a strong brand, the marketing department reached out for a brand and messaging revamp that would take the company to the next level. The team gave us a creative runway to evolve their corporate identity into a chic, fast, and future forward brand that would leave a strong impression on their stakeholders. 

Inspired by the future of mobility and the pioneering work that Drive does to bring Israeli startups and global corporations together, we set off to build something truly original. The resulting brand and website are some of our all time favorite projects and the motion graphics take the whole thing to a completely new level (in our humble opinion).

Innovation, Mobility


What We Did

Brand Look & Feel
Logo Design & Typography
Brand Messaging
Website Development
Social Media Assets
Presentation & Ad Templates
SWAG Concepts & Execution
Conference & Event Design Support



Drive TLV had already created a a rich ecosystem of opportunities for startups and corporations at the forefront of a mobility revolution.

Their conferences, delegations, incubators, POC center, and shared workspace had already broken the mold for what an innovation hub could look like - yet, their brand and messaging fell short of communicating just how cutting edge it all was. We had to find a way to energize multiple audiences, including startups and global industry partners, building on Drive’s momentum and taking their mission forward.

The VL team began with an extensive discovery phase, exploring the market landscape, positioning, value proposition, and future vision of the company. We led the project through three distinct phases: establishing visual direction (via research and moodboards), defining the website structure (via wireframes and content strategy), and implementation of new branding and UX design. We advised the team on a seamless transformation and unveiling of the new brand with social media assets and presentation templates to switch over completely.


Branding AND Web Development

When revamping Drive’s visual identity, we sought to convey the dynamism of the mobility ecosystem - one that moves, expands, helps companies partner, and pushes innovation forward.

The result was a transformative, chic look and feel that created a cohesive aesthetic bringing together themes like power, finance, technology, and the journey to get from point A to point B.

For an updated brand message, we focused on crisp, powerful language that was action-oriented and free of jargon - just like Drive. We also captured the playful and fun-loving nature of the staff in phrases like “Cue the Music” and “Prepare to Swipe Right” while distilling the core messaging to create an easy-to-read, compelling website. 



Today, Drive TLV has an unmistakable brand identity that is sleek, dynamic and that clearly positions them as a thought-leader in the mobility industry. We’ve outfitted their staff with an arsenal of templates to use in their on-going activities on social media and in-person. The brand is a reflection of our collaboration with their awesome marketing team and we’re really proud of the work that they’re doing to create a more sustainable future for the planet.  

We’ve maintained a close and on-going relationship as creative collaborators and a back pocket resource for the staff. They regularly call on us to create event branding, cool swag (hello tube socks), and marketing materials when the team needs a little extra firepower.