Changing the face of education in Israel

Milgo is a digital assistant for educational teams that helps to understand in depth the challenges of the classroom and offers a focused and practical, easy, and fast response.

Milgo provides real-time insights into the challenges faced by students and teachers, along with personalized pedagogical recommendations based on research. These recommendations are easy to put into action for immediate improvement, with ready-to-use quality, designed questionnaires -all via WhatsApp.

Milgo, and their parent company Kayma approached us to design and build their marketing website. This EdTech project challenged us, inspired us, and pushed us to do some of our best UX and design work to date!

Kayma, Milgo


What We Did

Visual Language
UX Strategy
Content Strategy
UX/UI Design
Web Development



When we approached designing Milgo's website, we knew that this product had the potential to change the way teachers and students communicate.

While working, we realized how significant Milgo's impact is in schools, starting from the classrooms to the teachers' room. Milgo is not just a digital assistant, it is an educational experience that sees all the individuals for whom it was created and works in full harmony with their needs and abilities.

Milgo was a dream project with clients who were brilliant and fascinating work partners.

Kayma, one of the partners behind Milgo, is one of the most fascinating companies in the Israeli landscape. They build digital tools to change behavior and reality, out of a deep understanding of human nature.



As a crucial component of the project, we undertook the task of expanding and crafting a visually and textually captivating language for Milgo, tailored to resonate with the diverse audiences within educational settings.

We then developed a comprehensive UX and content strategy to ensure a seamless user experience for our audience. We also drafted web copy to effectively convey key messages and values in a friendly yet professional manner. Mood boards were created to establish the visual direction, followed by web design and development.

With nothing but basic shapes and a rich and accessible color palette, we transformed data into accessible digital confections, creating simplicity in which lies infinite wealth.