Bringing women together for daily inspiration

The team at Momentum approached us mid-project. They had a large-scale vision for a social networking app that would foster deep connections among Jewish women while encouraging them to form genuine connections and engage in meaningful Jewish learning. Their project had stalled and needed a creative jumpstart - in half the time. The VL team was up for the challenge! We came in as a collaborative partner helping to develop the mission and vision, name the app, create the branding, and build out the entire app UX. It was an energizing, ambitious, and intense collaboration that we’re super proud of!

Momentum, Yomm
2022 - 2023
Non-Profit, Community


What We Did

App Concept and UX Mapping
UX/UI Design
App Microcopy
Design system
Naming Brainstorm
Brand Look & Feel
Logo Design
Brand Messaging
Website Development
PPC Campaigns



We picked up where other agencies left off. Having gone over all of the work to date, we regrouped and led the team in a meaningful exploration for the branding and app design. This took shape in the form of moodboards to define the brand look and feel, brand messaging, a naming brainstorm, and concepts for the app interface and functionality. 

When defining the name and logo for the app, we led a creative process that encompassed the mission and vision for how the platform would engage and inspire users and helped the team to solidify their vision for the app. Additionally, our team developed a cohesive brand system, designing a captivating logo and creating illustrations that added a sophisticated touch to the app and website. This was our favorite way to work, helping to drive alignment, and bringing our creativity and expertise to the table as equal partners.


UX Design

The founders wanted to create a platform that had an educational component and a social networking interface to connect women from Momentum Israel trips as well as women who were new to the app.

The demographic spanned younger millennial women as well as boomers who may be less tech savvy. 

We researched dozens of similar educational and social networking apps. In our collaboration with the Yomm team, our primary focus was UX/UI design, ensuring a seamless, inclusive experience to unite women across generations and continents. We also crafted compelling microcopy to bring the brand to life throughout the user interface.



Today, Yomm is available in app stores and has inspirational content from amazing guides such as Noa Tishby, Kelly Mcgonigal, Lori Palanik, and many others. The app’s sophisticated and intuitive interface connects women to each other and to daily inspiration, with features such as calendar sync and reminder notifications to make it easy to integrate into the daily lives. 

We’re proud to be co-creating a peaceful oasis where women can spend time each day learning and connecting to deep Jewish wisdom. As the team’s vision expands, we’re here supporting new features, designing landing pages, and helping to promote the roll out and adoption of the app.